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Transforming Incredible Network Technology into Amazing Business Solutions

Established in 2016, we’re a young, next-gen business, ‘born in the cloud’ without the burden of dated systems and overheads, much like our state-of-the-art IPV6 supported core network.

We believe in the democratisation of technology and strive to make the most advanced network solutions available and affordable to all businesses

We’re proud of our skills in transforming complex, cutting-edge network technology into business solutions that save time, money and stress

Making the complex simple

Agile, responsive and 100% focused on our customers, we have a passion for creating innovative, network-driven business solutions – often complex in structure but always simple to use.

By ‘making the complex simple’ we’ve built a loyal client base who trust us to manage some of their most business-critical systems. This trust is central to building a long-term customer relationship, and something we work hard to retain.

Our Core Network – No Compromises

When we were planning our core network, we tore-up the rule book and agreed on one over-riding principle – best performance, and no compromises.

The result is a ground-breaking design, built on Cisco ASR and future-proofed for technology yet to come. In this way, the network itself has become an enabler of innovative solutions.

We have a presence at a growing number of strategically located data centres, whilst our resilient 400Gb fibre ring allows peering with 958 operators and connection globally with all major conurbations.

By virtualising your networks at either layer 2 or layer 3 we can give you connectivity and management for any-network, any-technology and any-service. That includes cloud services, where we can offer direct, secure connection with both AWS and Azure.

Reliability is built-in at every level using a self-healing network design, fully automated failover and resilient network equipment. Backed up by 24×7 access to our exceptional support team, this means you can rest assured about the continuity of your business services at all times.

Our core network in summary:

  • 100% network uptime
  • 2880Gbps switching capacity
  • 4Tbps of switching capacity
  • Over 8,000 points of presence
  • Direct connect with AWS and Azure cloud services

Innovative Solutions

Our in-house expertise and core network capabilities come together in three ground-breaking services:

Multi-tenant Networking gives property developers and IT managers a simple, reduced admin solution to managing multiple businesses in shared properties. Tenants benefit from low cost, high-speed fibre network access and simple scalability.

Zero-loss Business Continuity restores network failures instantly without loss of data and without disrupting active sessions. Network users are unaware of the failure and work continues seamlessly.

Enterprise NNL consolidates business services at the datacentre onto a single, high bandwidth connection. This avoids the excessive use of porting and cross-connects whilst simplifying the management of bandwidth required by each service.


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