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ICUK is a supplier of reseller and wholesale communication services within the UK to over 850+ partners. Since formation in 2001 we have set designed, continuously developed and supported all services in-house. At the core of our company is our control panel which knits together our network and wholesale services into a single unified interface, providing industry leading levels of control and visibility to all users.

ICUK’s core portfolio consists of:

– Reseller and wholesale only services

– Broadband (ADSL, FTTC, G.Fast, FTTP, FTTPoD)

– Leased Lines (EFM, EoFTTC, Wireless, Fibre Ethernet)

– Telecoms (Wholesale Line Rental, VoIP, Itemised Billing)

– Shared Web Hosting & Domain Names

– Servers (Dedicated, VPS)


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